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Door controllers are the "brains" of an access control system. Door controllers are usually standalone (they don't need a supplementary computer to function) and can maintain event logs in excess of five thousand events. A typical door controller will control between 2-32 doors and or elevators, and enterprise level door controllers can handle several hundred doors.



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A Prox reader will receive an encrypted signal from and RFID chip placed in prox card or key fob and send it back to the controller for verification on whether to open a door or maintain its locked position.


Pin keypads provide access to your facility using a cdoe, allowing access to vendors, delivery people, or personnel.


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A biometric read is a reader that will identity a user by detecting and matching physical characteristics (fingerprint, retina, ext.). A Biometric readers will insure that only authorized personnel are allowed to enter a specific area and that "sharing of keys / cards" is eliminated.


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Keep track of vendors, contractors, or any other type of visitor who signs in your facility. Our software allows you to issue badges for a fixed period of time and allows you to manage where a visitor has access. You also have the ability to see their last know position.


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